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Local Wildlife

The following information on wildlife sites in and around Portsmouth is taken from the Portsmouth District of Hampshire Wildlife Trust Website . For more information visit their website.

Hampshire Wildlife Trust Reserves in Portsmouth

Site Name DescriptionLocation
Farlington MarshesCoastal grazing marshes famous for the birdsSouth of A27, between Portsmouth and Havant
Great SalternsGrassland and scrub on reclaimed landSouth of Burrfields Road, Portsmouth
Milton LocksFragment of natural coastlineEastern end of Locksway Road, Portsmouth
Pewit IslandRoost for birds at high water In Portsmouth Harbour

Various Places for Wildlife in Portsmouth

Site Name DescriptionLocation
Portsdown HillChalk grassland and scrubNorth of Portsmouth
Hilsea Lines and PortscreekA mixture of tidal estuary, lakes, fields and earthworks Northern end of Portsea Island
Langstone HarbourMud, islands, saltmarsh and more mudEastern side of Portsea Island
Milton CommonRough grassland and ponds on reclaimed landBetween Eastern Road and Moorings Way
Tamworth FieldGrassland and pondBetween Tamworth Road and Walsall Road
St James' Hospital GroundsGrassland and notable treesNorth of Locksway Road
Baffins Pondand environs Popular pond with much birdlifeTangier Road, Portsmouth
Eastney BeachShingle beach with associated plantsSouth-east corner of Portsea Island
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